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Why Dry Compressed Air

Compressed air is a clean, convenient and versatile energy resource ideal for many industrial, commercial and instrument applications. To optimize a compressed air system the moisture and contaminants naturally concentrated in the compression cycle must be removed to avoid costly equipment failure, product contamination, and distribution system breakdown.

In the compression cycle ambient air is drawn into the compressor where the gas volume is reduced to increase pressure. Any solids, vapors or aerosols introduced into the compression cycle are concentrated in a direct correlation to the discharge pressure of the system. This concentration process produces saturated compressed air with particulate contaminants and excess liquid at the compressor discharge. Filtration can remove the liquid water and contamination but the moisture (humidity) needs to be removed with a compressed air dryer.

A compressed air dryer suppresses the dewpoint (temperature at which liquid moisture will condense) enabling separation to remove the liquid from the system. By removing the moisture with the dryer reliability, efficiency and productivity can be added to a compressed air system.

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