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Choose from our selection of new high-quality compressors and dryers. Pictured below are just some of our many items that are available.

  • Cast iron pump
  • High-efficiency valves
  • Maximum cfm to HP ratios
  • 100% ready to run
  • Performance & durability
  • Low operating rpm, quiet, smooth running
  • Ductile iron crankshaft
  • Heavy duty steel belt guard
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Solid, cast iron construction
  • Oversized bearings / crankcase
  • Large swedish steel valves
  • A.S.M.E. coded vessels
  • Extreme durability

The advantages of owning a Sullivan Palatek Rotary Screw Air Compressor

>> Nema T-Frame, C-Face, double shaft, open drip proof squirrel cage induction type.
>> Direct coupling to motor for positive alignment.

>> Full voltage magnetic starter with 120 volt controls, Nema 1 enclosure, circuit breaker, transformer and three phase over load protector.

>> Multi-stage dry type with replaceable element.

>> Full modulation, electronically controlled for smooth operation and lowest possible no load power. Auto dual control, timed stop or constant run.

>> Line pressure gauge, fluid reservoir gauge, hour meter, discharge temperature gauge, oil filter and separator element differential gauges.
>> Microprocessor control available.

>> Class 20 overload relay, high temperature and overpressure shut down.

>> Air cooled with air cooler/aftercooler and factory filled with Palasyn 45 synthetic lubricoolant. Equipped with micro fiber full flow oil filter.

>> Desiccant air dryer, water separator and coalescing filter for moisture removal, spin on replaceable cartridges.

Sullivan-Palatek CDD Series


Today’s Champion Reciprocating Compressors are the product of decades of design and development. In fact, we introduced the first single-stage compressor in 1919 and have continuously improved its design through innovations in materials, production techniques and quality control.


You rely on compressed air to perform many tasks efficiently. Champion knows that reliability is one of the main reasons for a purchase. Our slow speed, built-in efficiency through design and the longest compressor warranty in the industry make Champion compressors the correct choice!

Features of the Saylor-Beall Performance Package

Air-Cooled Aftercooler.
Incorporates a unique design by mounting the heat exchanger in front of the electric motor and mounting a high flow fan on the electric motor shaft.

Magnetic Starter.
Protects your compressorʼs electrical system by preventing motor overload.

Low Oil Control.
Protects your compressor pump from damage due to lack of lubrication.

Automatic Tank Drain.
Increases the life of the tank and the compressed airʼs quality.

Vibration Isolator Pads.
Reduces vibration thereby increasing other compressor componentʼs life spans.

Dual Control.
Allows the compressor to run both in start/stop or continuous run modes through the use of head unloaders. Included on 15-30 horsepower models only.

Saylor-Beall Performance Package

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